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Foreign correspondent and voyager. Worked and lived in Iran, Russia and Turkey. At home in Istanbul but always moving.


  • Anna Tuson

    Anna Tuson

    Communications & Editorial Consultant at The Story Communications and Creative Consultancy

  • Martin Gilbraith

    Martin Gilbraith

    Certified Professional Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant. ICA:UK Associate & ICAI webmaster. FRSA. Passionate about participation & leadership.

  • Fernanda Perez Solla

    Fernanda Perez Solla

    Specialized in human rights, refugee law, humanitarian affairs, interested in international law in general. Art + history. RT does not mean support. Hope! 🌹

  • Aanas A

    Aanas A

    Campaigning, rights advocacy, activism, people on the move, youth, sustainability Currently attached to @AmnestyOnline | All muses my own

  • Bahadır Kaleağası

    Bahadır Kaleağası

    • European affairs • Turkish business • international communication • digital economy • democracy •

  • Rahul Radhakrishnan

    Rahul Radhakrishnan

    Journalist at soon-to-launch TRT World. Formerly Al Jazeera English. Has an identity crisis and a beard. Views my own, RT's not endorphins. | #FreeAJStaff

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